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3 New Ways to Use Twitter

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Today, I found a couple new websites that augment the Twitter experience. They are BlastFollow!, Twapper Keeper, and Tweetboard. According to this webpage and some dabbling, I’ve come up with my own opinions and ideas of the use of these three websites.

BlastFollow! is supposedly a great tool for listing attendees to are going to your event. It finds people using a specific hashtag – such as the name of said event – and, after you log in through Twitter, automatically follows them. The website will also tell you if they are following you as well. Unfortunately, the website was not working for me at the time, so I can’t input anything from my own experience (or in this case, a lack of). However, from what I’ve read from both websites, I can still infer that BlastFollow! may be a hit or miss. People use hashtags a lot on Twitter, so may find yourself following people you don’t want to because they used the same hashtag in a different context. Also, some potential attendees might not use hashtags or Twitter altogether. I feel it may be more useful for following news from a variety of Twitter sources instead. Still, I’m only basing this on the website that pointed me there, so my opinion may change if I get a chance to actually use BlastFollow!.

Twapper Keeper is a great Twitter website. After you sign in with Twitter, you can create and view archives of similar tweets based on hashtags, keywords, or the user tweeting. The tweets are listed neatly and their order can be changed with a variety of settings. However, it takes a while for the site to fill up your archive, and the overall visual design of the website leaves much to be desired. Previously, you could export and download these archives on the web, but they seem to have removed that feature altogether due to Twitter’s TOS. Instead, you can now use these features as part of an open source version of Twapper Keeper.

Finally, we have Tweetboard. I would test it, but I don’t own a popular website or popularly visited blog (mine isn’t >_>), nor do I have access to the alpha release. However, from what I’ve read and watched, I can tell you this much: it’s amazing! Tweetboard turns your tweets into easily followable, nested discussions. It is very streamlined, has many options to easily keep track of conversations alter the look to fit the site’s color scheme. This is very useful to anyone with a popular site and twitter account, and can help attract new people as well. Twitter updates are also nearly instantaneous.

If I had to pick between the three, I’d choose Tweetboard. They’re all good in their own way for tracking tweets, especially for events. However, Tweetboard in more community friendly than the others. It engages visitors and keeps them up to date on the most current news you tweet. BlastFollow is more useful for searching for tweets related to a specific topic, and Twapper Keeper is more useful as a tweet archive.

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